Special Engagements: Lectures for Writers

Myths and legends have a primal connection to the human spirit. These stories are our stories. Stories that teach. Stories that entertain. Stories that endure.

Engage in your intellect....


Spring Dreams Lecture Series
    This seasons lectures are based on learning the foundation of literary works through mythology, the hero journey, and how ancient civilizations used the art of storytelling.


    Summer Time Lecture Series
    Mythology is the foundation for storytelling. Human culture sat around camp fires and imagined about the worlds they could not explain.

    • The Power of Myth- The First Storytellers 
    • The Power of Myth- Sacrifice and Bliss


    Autumn Cider Lecture Series
      We understand the world around us by the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. That includes how we view each other and our immortal souls. 


        Winter Frost Lecture Series 
           As the seasons come into the holidays and a new year, death and rebirth, we are reminded how mythology created our rituals and cultural celebrations.

          • The Power of Myth- Interview with George Lucas


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