Special Engagements: Writer's Workshops

From time to time, Undawnted will feature writer's workshops and other special engagements.

Winter Frost Writer's Workshop
Circles We Find Ourselves In, Babylon 5 Fanfic, and Literary Device Writing Exercise  

Spring Dreams Writer's Workshop  
Robin Hood: the Man, the Legend,
and the Archetype
         -  Excerpts, Hode
         -  History Repeats Itself
         -  Social Implications of Myth
         -  Workshop 

      Summer Dreams Writer's Workshop 
      Round Table: King Arthur's Code of Honor and Literary Device Writing Exercise

      • Part I
      • Part II
      • Part III
      • Part IV
      • Wherefore art thou, Guinevere?
      • Knights of the Archetype
      • Workshop

      Autumn Cider Writer's Workshop
      Vampires: In the Name of Redemption 

           -  Excerpts, In the Name of Blood
           -  Excerpts, Nocturnal Redemption
           -  The Many Faces of the Undead
           -  Workshop 


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