Spiritual Quest

In this era of thought control from entertainment, church to politics, spirituality offers the freedom to think for yourself.

The matrix of lies is complicated and vast. One must clean, clear, and manifest for a better life. We live in abundance. We are magic.

And, no one has ever told you...


Contents of Spiritual Quest are:

Learn how to ground your energy, open your Chakras, and connect with Source.

Download your copy of Ground (PDF).

Quantum Spirit 

In this computer simulation called reality, ones and zeroes make up the physical world as well as the spiritual realm. This theoretical exploration asks the simple question: why not? 

A list of positive words to assist in creating a positive outlook.

Download your copy of I AM (PDF)

Saturn Retrograde
An Essay on Astrology

Learn about the astrological influences that influence you.

Download your copy of The Cult of YOU (PDF).


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