Family Genealogy

I have been putting together my family's history only to discover that sites want you to pay for the privilege of knowing your own heritage. So I am going to put together free booklet versions of my direct lineage since that line is hard to come by online. 

From Monarchs, Myths, and Moats, we should all have access to our own stories.

Contents of Ancestry: Living History through the Ages are:

de Chisholme

When people think of Chisum, they remember The Chisum Trail, cattle barons, and Scotland.

That is not even the tip of the iceberg. 

The Franks

Even before Charlemagne The Franks were an important force in the world.

Ancient times meets medieval Europe, genealogy brings a new meaning to God, King, and country.


No matter how you spell the name, Irish ancestry is always the same.

This booklet will explore the history, meaning, and genealogy of this specific American clan. 


A medieval French family finds nobility in England. 

With the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the title of Earl of Warren, the Sorrells family line has more than a few historical nuggets in their coffers.

de Grylyngton 

Noble family has lineage from before Emperor Charlemagne. 

Battle tested. Royalty approved.

An Ancient Tradition Translated into Modern Times

Instead of relying on an office or registrar, can we as people create personal symbology for our own ancestry, honor code, or interests?

Take a journey into the past and decide how society can revive this vibrant and historical art form in the 21st Century.


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