Sunday, December 15, 2019

Eggnog Dreams: Poetry for the Holiday Season

Eggnog Dreams
By: DL Mullan

Silent Night, Holy Crap
no one ever told me
that Merry ol' Christmas
could be this bad

how was I to know?
not like I could stop in time
now there's one reindeer
missing from the line

with a red blinking nose
he flew threw the air
without warning, he hit my grill
I had no time to spare

should I give him CPR?
how does that work exactly?
Rudolph as venison stew
is the only way to make this happy

so I pushed and pulled
but to no avail
the reindeer that crossed the road
ended up before me cold and stale

I wished I had been watching the road
but who are we kidding
after that eggnog load?
my head is just spinning...

as I heard Santa over head
I really thought this was it
no matter what I did or said
I was going to get my head split

but he just laughed
and sprinkled some dust
over the reindeer's body
until there was a sparkly crust

then with a ho ho ho
the reindeer jumped to life
I was beside myself
I couldn't figure out how or why

how was this deer alive?
magic dust? A prayer?
what type of Saint Nick
could conjure this affair?

But in a flash he and his
were gone into the sky
I trudged back into my SUV
and gave a huge sigh

if it weren't for the damage
my vehicle had received
I wouldn't believe the dream
I now came to believe...

so the moral to this story
is not that I believe in Santa
or red-nosed reindeer
that fly high above in the strata

it's that we all have the right
to live in peace, not just to survive
so next time you take a swig
remember not to drink and drive...

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