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Friday, February 27, 2015

Chateau Du Medan

Paul Cezzane painted the Chateau Du Medan as seen here below.

Chateau Du Medan

Let's stand on the shore
and reminisce about the past
near the shores of the Chateau Du Medan.

A nice warm day rises
with clouds streaming away,
sunbathing as we all wish to do.

The sun rides the ripples
in the river below
to tell us to dance the day away.

What a wonderful time
of green meadows, white clouds,
blue skies, and yellow sun.

I too remember in my dreams
the Chateau Du Medan
as the respite for my waking soul.

Source: Nice Art Gallery

RIP Mr Spock

It seems legends are becoming myth.

Another old Hollywood actor passed away today. A man who had been in film and television since 1951 then went on to become a science fiction icon: Leonard Nimoy as Star Trek's Mr. Spock. The character reflect our humanity back at us. 

Sometimes too well. 

Like Robin Williams before him, he will be missed. Hollywood is losing its icons as surely as it produces the next generation of them. Today, we sit and read over the accomplishments of the son of Ukrainian immigrants.

Since James Doohan passed away ten years ago, I guess Scottie really did beam him up...