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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Funding for Book ISBN Request

I have been writing and researching some ideas for new nonfiction books.

Thank you for your patience while I was on hiatus. I tend to do that. It is all apart of the creative process. 

As I was researching layouts and other book necessities, I found the Bowker ISBN website. Wow! Are buying ISBN's expensive. 

By myself, there is no way to afford what I need and would like to do. 

So I thought to myself, how can I raise money for this venture into the publishing world? I looked up crowdfunding websites. What a lot of rules and fees. 

What else could I do?

Paypal. I have a Paypal account: foreverundawnted AT gmail DOT com. I will just ask supporters to pledge an amount in Paypal. Problem solved. 

As I upload and reorganize my nonfiction book pages,  I hope you will find the time to spare a few dollars to get me to my $650 goal. The cost is not just the ISBN numbers but also to convert the numbers into a bar code. 

If you donate and send me an email to foreverundawnted AT gmail DOT com with your donation information, I will give out prizes for levels of donations, such as:  
  • $10 and Up - Your name will appear on my Thank You page
  • $25 - I will send a small selection of postcards with my original art on them to you via snail mail
  • $50 - I will write you a short poem (10 lines or under)
  • $75-  I will design a digital image with three of your favorite colors for a customized computer wall paper
  • $100 - I will send you an original digital image, signed and matted (11"x14" or under) of my choice to you for framing
  • any higher donation, I will make up something personal and special just for you...
Again Thank you for your generosity in advance.

I cannot wait to share my books with you,

DL Mullan