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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Trouble with Modems

I was having a difficult time watching youtube videos or doing anything online. 

So today the technician from the internet/cable company came out and swapped out the old modem for a new one. Now, the interruptions have ceased. Life is now good again.

I'm Russian-Irish and my patience was being tested every time I got online. I have learned over the years to try to be patient, but there are times that's just not possible. A funky internet connection over the course of several weeks is one of those times. 

I just don't cuss and make a scene, albeit all by myself, I cuss in several different languages. I suspect some of those cuss words are made up. Whatever... as long as I feel better in the end, right? 

It's fun and funny to work with the public. People like technicians ask me questions I cannot really answer like: how long have you had this modem? when did your problems start? what did you notice first? 

All trick questions. 

I have to explain in a cheerful way how I have inflammation induced brain injury. By the second question, I then have to say how time works differently for me. I can estimate but that doesn't make anything I say any truer. Just save us both a lot of trouble and check your records! hahaha!

I remember a time when I was incredibly precise. Now, not so much. When I remember something, it's like a cause for a celebration.... literally. 

Still it's nice to have a good connection to the big bad world again. 

At least the modem didn't cost me anything. That's a relief. I don't have funds to shell out hundreds here or there. 

Since I knew someone was coming over today, I quickly cleaned up the front rooms. That's good since I had a chronic fatigue episode and was in bed all weekend sleeping something off and it wasn't drugs or alcohol, damnit! I never did them anyway. 

My shoulders hurt something awful. It's like having a painless migraine yet all the pain is in my shoulders, which some goes down my arms while I try to type and use the vacuum. It's obscene.

And, so is my life. 

So that's the trouble with modems.... and chronic fatigue, brain injury, inflammation, and bad memory.

I hope you had a fun day too.