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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dead Man Slumming

I did it this time...I feel like I broke my back.

Most of the housework got done today. I swept, vacuumed, took garbage and recycling out. I cleaned the cat litter room, the master bath. Now my lower back hurts.

I have a curve on the lower region of my spine. If I do too much, it hurts. If I sit too long, it hurts. If I lay on my back to sleep, it hurts. If I order pizza... you get the idea. My lower back suckaroonis! 

I hope with the house out of the way that I can actually get to revamping my site a bit. Updates are needed. The whole thing needs a spit shine, but since my modem took a dump and my subsequent poisoning from said modem, now I think I will have a chance to get caught up technologically for once. 

I have cd's and dvd's to burn for back up's sake. I need to print one of my stories out. I need to get my writing projects all lined up. I have some books to turn out. Some are half way done; I just have to finish up and edit. Things I am good at doing. 

I am good at setting goals and tasks and accomplishing them. 

Then I'm set for publication. Some I will produce myself and others I might take a chance out in the real world. Why not? It's not like I'm going anywhere...

Stay safe and have fun!