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Monday, January 20, 2014

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Music can be an anthem for a generation. Songs can console us in times of sorrow and loss. Words can rejuvenate and soothe.

For years, it took me to be able to listen and enjoy music again.

My brain could not appreciate the words, for one I couldn't remember all the words to my favorite songs, or decode the instruments being played. Weird, huh? Music irritated me and sounded moreorless like a jumbled mess.

I'm glad I finally got to a stage where my Central Nervous System can understand the complexities of music once again. 

I still cannot write my blog and listen to music at the same time, but I am making progress nonetheless. 

So the song that affected me today is the title of this blog post. I wonder who misses me? I wonder who never thinks about me? I wonder if I even care to know?

I used to handle everything at my job or in my household. I was on the run 18 hours a day trying to be everything to everyone, including myself. I wanted to have my cake and eat it too. I burned the candle at both ends because I knew someday, it was all going to pay off.

Then the old adage comes into play: life happens while you're making other plans.

I never believed in a million years that my coworkers would poison me until I almost died. Of course, I never believed my family would give up and not take responsibility for what they did to me as well. 

Which leaves me wondering: do they? I bet they do. There's no one like me on the planet.

I've come to the conclusion, hell yeah: you're gonna miss me when I'm gone. 

That in itself is somewhat satisfying. 

Well I'm off to do chores. The cats never do them, so I am alone in my work. I maybe here doing things for the household but I am never alone while jamming to my favorite tunes.

Have a very rock'n'roll day!